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With Kraken custom rod you can create your own fishing rod and customize it the way you want in order to express to full potential your passion for this world. We offer you the best quality for both fresh water fishing and salty water.

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First step: pick from our site each component, in which we will assemble exclusively by hand. You will find best quality pieces for all

Second step: choose how to customize your rod and make it unique. We offer you endless decorative possibilities from marbling handles in different colors, to embroidery on the rod with intertwined threads, and decorative lettering and decals.

Third step: conclude your purchase and we will make your fishing rod.
With sartorial skill , kraken custom rod turns dreams into reality.

Warning: since that each fishing rod is an unique piece and each working phase is exclusively hand-made, the actual product delivery could take a few weeks.

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For more information send us an email using the contact form.

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